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Pineapples and Grounding

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Costa Rican pineapples laying in vendor stands

We’ve just moved to a new country, from the United States, to Costa Rica. There are so many things that are different, from the language, to the scenery, to the way things work and run. But one thing that seems like it should be the same are the foods. And I don’t mean culturally speaking, as those are different (such as beans and rice for breakfast). But I’m referring to foods that are the same thing, for example pineapples. They look the same, smell the same, grow the same…. In fact, are probably even the same pineapples that were imported into Miami. But boy do they taste different, in a good way. Like the best, sweetest, most luscious, juiciest fruit I think I’ve ever had.

Sometimes adjustment to new things and changes can be hard, especially when things are happening all at the same time. But, if we can look for those familiar things, it can help ground us. What do I mean by “grounding?” It brings us to the present and helps us to feel like the earth is under our feet vs spinning out of control. While pineapple, or piña as we say here, is the same fruit wether I am in the States or in Costa Rica - if I can slow down, truly slow my system and awareness down, I can appreciate it even more for being a more amazing version of itself.

Stay mindful!

-Corrie Avila

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