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Emotional Currency

A graphic displaying cups full of water to act as a metaphor for how much emotional currency you have.

Emotional currency is the amount of bandwidth we have in reserve, this can also be referred to as one's window of tolerance. Using the cup graphic above, the higher the emotional reserve, the more emotional currency you have. Alternatively, the lower the cup is filled, the lower the emotional reserve. Your emotional reserve can both deplete (if utilized too much), as well as accrue (if properly protected and saved).

Whether you are young, old, single, married, with kids, without kids, in a partnership… we all have a specific amount of emotional bandwidth in any given day. When things are busier, and increased stressors or responsibilities arise, our emotional bandwidth decreases. When we have better stress management, utilize coping strategies effectively, attend therapy, and make different choices, our emotional bandwidth can stretch and expand.

Where are you spending your emotional currency? What can you do to put protectors in place to keep a reserve, thus helping your overall emotional regulation and bandwidth?

Stay Mindful,

- Corrie Avila

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